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Neurological diseases (ENs) currently affect 7.5 million citizens in Spain (1). They represent the first cause of mortality in women and the second in men, and they cause an approximate expenditure of 10,865 million euros per year to the National Health System, with an increase forecast for life expectancy. The reduction of this trend constitutes, therefore, a biomedical and socio-economic challenge of the greatest importance. There are still no curative treatments for ENs. Moreover, while investments in research and development of new drugs have increased exponentially in recent decades, the number of drugs approved for safe and effective clinical use has not increased in the same proportion.

The MULTITARGET & VIEW-CM project proposes a collection of new therapeutic strategies and non-invasive evaluation procedures, which could contribute to reducing the aforementioned limitations, considering as representative examples, cerebral ischemia, Alzheimer's disease and cognitive deterioration associated with age , and brain tumors. To this end, the project puts into operation a highly multidisciplinary approach, combining advanced tools of multimodal neuroimaging, nanotechnology, connectomics, metabolomics, genetically modified animals and psychobiology. The project groups the contribution of ten research groups (CSIC1-3, HULP, UCM1-2, HLP, UNED1, UAH1, UAM1), two reference laboratories (Lab 104 and Lab 195), four associated research groups (UAB, BIONAND, CICBIOMAGUNE, UPVCSIC), and four companies (SOIREM Res., APTATARGET, INST TEC TEC, COGNODATA CONSULTING SL).


  • Objective 1: Lab 105, Lab 194, UAM1) that will provide the services and protocols common to the consortium, including MRI / MRS / PET / CT methodologies, animal models, or an advanced conectomic image analysis system with profound implications for design and effectiveness evaluation of new multi-day strategies.

  • Objective 2: Development and evaluation of a multipurpose liposomal teragnostic nanoplate (CSIC1, CSIC3, UAH1),

  • Objective 3: Peritoneal dialysis / hemodialysis as multidial therapies in stroke (UCM12, HLP),

  • Objective 4: Multidimensional / multidomain therapies guided by image against Alzheimer's Disease and Cognitive Impairment. (CSIC1, UNED1).

  • Objective 5: Multideana guided image therapies against glioblastoma. (CSIC2, HULP)

  • Objective 6: Training and Dissemination (All participants).

Comunidad de MAdrid
Fondo Social Europeo
Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional


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